Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amazing 'crossing coinkydink

So, I went downtown yesterday, had some errands and whatnot to take care of. I always read on the subway, but the only book I was reading is an enormous brick and has the words NAZI DOCTORS in huge letters on the front, so I figured it might be better to get something lighter, in all senses of the word, to start on as well. So I grabbed a book from the shelf where I keep all the BookCrossing books I've gotten from other BookCrossers. Well, the ones I haven't read yet. I have way too many of these and I try to look on that shelf first, so to speak, when it's time to pick a new book to read.

Anyway. The one I grabbed yesterday was Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote. It's supposed to be good, I've read one other book by him which I really liked, and it's on the 1001 list. So, must be read. No time like the present. I started reading it on the subway going downtown and then continued later on the way back home. Got to my station, put the book away, walked to my house. It's a pretty short walk, only about five minutes. When I got there I found this postcard in my mailbox.

What are the odds ... ??? :-D

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