Friday, May 13, 2011

Thoughts on last night, again

Finally getting around to posting a few random thoughts on last night's show, after Blogger's been through their dies horrendus last night and today. Better late than never. I was a little worried when yesterday's two posts totally disappeared, but now they're back. The latter slightly edited since Blogger went nuts before the show was over last night. o_O

OK, random thoughts. I'll be missing Belarus tomorrow. :-) Or will I? No, I guess only in spirit. The song itself is hands down the funnest entry this year, but, alas, the presentation was pretty tacky and the performance much much worse than I was expecting. Alas for Belarus! They haven't really got this figured out yet. :-D

I have no idea who these people are who voted for Ireland. WTF were they thinking?? No consideration for the rest of us who now have to suffer through that horrible mess again. Selfish bastards. I was chatting with Paz while the results were being read - I wish I'd thought to copy his response when I told him that his least favorite twins of the night had gotten through. It went something like this:
for about twenty lines. :-D I'm sure he's had lots and lots of fun at work today, driving around and listening to the radio ... :-D

I'm so looking forward to seeing the scoreboards on Sunday and see where Ireland's points actually came from. :-D

Something really really funny is that even though people here in Norway were blaming eastern bloc voting for our unfortunate result on Tuesday, all the other Nordic countries have gotten through, we're the only ones that are out. LOL! Cognitive dissonance much? :-D All I can say is that if we'd sent Susperia, we'd be in the final too now. :-D


KAS said...

Yep! We certainly block vote too =)

Leisha Camden said...

And when we do, of course that's exactly as it should be. It's only when they do it that it's wrong. ;-)