Friday, May 20, 2011

Let's take in a show!

In fact, let's do it on my birthday! Sure, it's five months away, but a little forward planning never hurt anyone. Who's with me? On my 35th birthday, let's go to the theater and see a play - this play!

Sure, it's meant for kids, but 'five years and up' - that's totally me. I am so five years and up. :-) And I HAVE TO SEE THIS PLAY. OMG. I didn't even know they were doing it. Findabair and I were just wandering towards Saga on our way to see a movie tonight, and there it was. Opens October 13th, so it's perfect. And it's on the main stage! Who'd a thunk it. They must really be going all out on this one. I must see it. Who's with me??

You'll have to pay for your own tickets. :-D But I can probably get a discount on at least six. ;-)


KAS said...

Me, me, me, me!! I'm so in! :-D

I thought they were only doing this up in Trondheim or wherever!!

Leisha Camden said...

I know, I had no idea they were doing it in Oslo too. Awesomeness!! :-D Anne Ida is in too, and maybe even Sol and C. They're in town this weekend, I met up with them yesterday and she said they'll try to come over again in October to go to the theater with us. We'll see ... ! :-D But I am so definitely rounding up the gang for this one. You were on the top of my list. ;-)