Sunday, May 1, 2011

CYPRUS 2011 - San angelos s'agapisa

ESC-wise, 2011 is clearly the year of the dramatic ballad. Which is how it differs from any previous years, obviously. ;-)

This is another of those songs that start out very low-key and then build up to something rather dramatic about halfway. This sometimes works and sometimes seriously doesn't work. In this case I think it works, actually really well too ... because they've managed to insert something that 'feels' really authentic into that section, something that I immediately feel quite drawn to as being - to my ignorant mind - rather genuinely Cypriotic. That may turn out to be a really good move, a lot of people will probably like that. Hopefully with this song Cyprus will be able to break their five year run of bad luck.

The singer is some kind of X-Factor winner or something like that ... not in his favor, IMO, but what can you do. His voice is OK ... nothing special, but passable. A bigger problem is that he seems to have zero charisma on stage. The live presentation that I've seen is also bland and boring. So this song will have to rely on its own strengths in Düsseldorf. That may be enough since the lineup is so even this year, with very few songs that really stand out. But the audience will have to be paying a bit of attention for that to work, though. We'll see. Not the winner by a long shot, certainly.

This is Christos Mylordos - what a fantastic name!! hard to believe it really is his real name :-) - performing San angelos s'agapisa by Andreas Anastasiou and Michalis Antoniou. They will be competing for Cyprus on Thursday, May 12th.

Live performance, but not AFAIK from their national final:
Widescreen here.

This is the official video. I'm posting it because you have to see it to believe how much it sucks. :-D
Widescreen here.

Lyrics with translation here.

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