Thursday, May 5, 2011

SAN MARINO 2011 - Stand By

Yay, San Marino! I'm so thrilled to see San Marino back. And what's so great is that things can only possibly go up for them. They cannot possibly do worse than they did in 2008, which is the only other time they've been in the contest. :-D They came last in their semi. :-D I shouldn't laugh ... !! I feel bad for them. But come on, you've gotta laugh. :-)

Anyway ... I think their song this year is much better than their first effort. Not good enough - it's nowhere near a winner and I'm not convinced it will even get to the final. But I think it deserves more than five points. :-D It's a rather beautiful ballad, quite well performed. The singer has a good voice, and of course a pretty young woman never goes wrong in the ESC. ;-) So ... nothing wrong with the entry, as such.

That's really the recurring theme in this year's lineup, IMO. The vast majority of songs are just fine, nothing wrong with them, but nothing very special about them either. They may be quite lovely to listen to, but once they're over they're quickly forgotten. I'm sorry to say that this entry is yet another song on that list. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, I actually like it a lot. But it just doesn't have anything that makes it stand out. There's nothing really special about it. But as I said, it definitely deserves more than five points. :-)

This is Senit performing Stand By, with music and really weird lyrics by Radiosa Romani. She will be competing for San Marino on Tuesday, May 10th.

Widescreen here.

Lyrics here.

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