Thursday, May 12, 2011

More predictions, semifinal 2

I did at least relatively well with my guesses on Tuesday, but tonight I don't think I'll manage to guess half of anything. There are hardly any standout songs tonight and also no real clunkers - IMO this field is totally open. Anything could happen! :-D In this semi I'll almost have to 'guess', if you can even call it that, by what I want the results to be rather than what I feel competent to 'predict'. :-)

There are definitely some songs I would prefer not to see again on Saturday, and I hope and believe I'll be spared that.
Slovakia, hopefully

There are a few that I'm pretty certain will get through.
Ukraine - depending on the presentation
Sweden - if little Erik doesn't walk off in a huff
Belarus! :-D

I'm also relatively confident in Moldova and Bosnia.

I would love to see Cyprus in the final, but I'm not quite convinced. It'll depend partly on how well Christos sings and how badly the others do. ;-)

That last sentence also applies to Slovenia.

Some that I'm not optimistic about.

Considering how well Iceland did, I'm thinking that Denmark may have a realistic chance. But I'm so petty that I actually prefer for them not to get through as a punishment for their retarded lyrics. >:-)

Sure, Sweden's lyrics are a hundred times worse. But they've got a tune that is just unbeatable, and considering how little English much of the audience can be expected to understand, I can't imagine they won't get through. Unless something goes wrong and they storm off the stage in protest, of course. :-D

Estonia - yeah, quite possibly. But it'll depend on the presentation. As Armenia proved last night, too weird isn't good.

Finally, the Netherlands. Could go either way. Nothing wrong with the song, and a good singer, but ... doesn't really have that little extra something. I'm not optimistic. But good luck to them, this isn't half bad. :-)

Just as well I can't vote this time, there isn't really anything here I'd like to vote for. o_O

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