Sunday, May 1, 2011

MACEDONIA 2011 - Rusinka

I know, I know ... 'FYR Macedonia'. But these post titles are long enough and that whole FYR thing is silly anyway from where I'm sitting. Will there be an angry Greek denouncing me and an angry Macedonian defending me in the comments to this year's Macedonia review too, like last year? :-D Save your energy, I already know the arguments and I'm not convinced. Obviously. We can just reread last year's comments, come to think of it. ;-)

This is the kind of song that makes you happy you don't understand what the singer's going on about ... although the lyrics in Düsseldorf may be partly in English and only partly in Macedonian, I'm not sure. (There's a full translation on the Diggiloo Thrush, of course - the link's at the bottom of this post, as usual. :-) Then you watch the video and it's like, WTF?? LOL! :-D

This song is first and foremost just really seriously annoying. Then when you find yourself kind of bopping along to it you start to get pissed off. I suppose it's catchy, in a way, but mostly it's just totally annoying. His voice is almost more annoying than the song. The 'ethnic' groove that they seem to have tried for seems tacked on and - dare I say it - annoying. I hope this sinks without a trace.

This is Vlatko Ilievski performing Rusinka by Gilgor Koprov, Vladimir Dojcinovski and Jovan Jovanov. They will be competing for Macedonia on Thursday, May 12th. Boo hiss!

Widescreen here.

Lyrics with translation here.

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