Sunday, May 1, 2011

BELARUS 2011 - I Love Belarus

Hearing the title of this song is kind of a window into the past for a Scandinavian. Into the rather distant past. I think most of my fellow Scandinavians will know what I mean ... a song like this could never ever be sent by any of us now. Years and years and years ago, sure, something like this might seem like a good bet. Voi voi, langt opp på fjellet ... !! But even then we probably wouldn't have been this glaringly obvious. We tend to downplay our nationalism now. But not everyone feels the same and that is SO COOL ... !! :-D

I'm not sure I can explain exactly why, but I really really like this song. It's freakishly catchy, that's obviously part of it. The singer is super enthusiastic and actually manages to sing this chorus with what seems like genuine joy ... I like that, obviously. But most of all it's probably just the total in-your-face attitude that this entry has. A little bit of folk music, dancers in national costumes in a totally inappropriate setting, a friendly, poppy, upbeat melody, and then that chorus which is just so totally unashamed and in our collective faces. It's like they've been thinking if we're gonna do this then let's really do it all the way. And it works! They've pulled out all the stops and just totally let themselves have free reign with this song, and it just really works. I dig this song. It's kind of a guilty pleasure, sure, but I dig it.

I obviously can't vote for them, that'd be so wrong in so many ways ... but I'm secretly hoping that they will do really really well. OK, not so secretly. It'd be really cool to see this song in the top ten. :-) The audience may hate it and throw it to the wolves but I think quite a few people will probably feel the way I do about it. :-)

I actually tend to quite often really like the Belarusian entry. Is that a bad sign?

This is Anastasiya Vinnikova performing I Love Belarus by Evgeny Oleynik and Svetlana Geraskova. They will be competing for Belarus, which they love!! :-D on Thursday, May 12th.

Widescreen here.

Lyrics here.

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