Monday, May 16, 2011

New camera!!

I've got a new camera! Yay!! Happy! :-) I've been wanting a new camera for a while ... not because the old one is broken as such, it still works fine for the most part, but it is two and a half years old and that is quite a while in the world of the digital camera. As I'm sure all my readers will know. :-) It's also kind of broken ... it's fallen to the floor a few times and been banged about quite a bit, and it doesn't work quite right all of the time.

What it mostly struggles with is the macro setting, and that really sucks, because I take quite a lot of macro shots. You know, the turtles and whatnot. Then the night before the trip to Hemsedal, it looked like it had actually really broken. It couldn't read the memory card at all, no matter what I did. And it had worked just fine a couple of hours before and nothing had happened to it in the meantime. o_O Of course I freaked out. The next day I brought it to work with me ... well, I always bring it to work, I bring it everywhere :-) ... and I showed it to O., who managed to fix it with some CRC product that we sell. :-D I was soo grateful ... I hated the thought of going away on this once in a lifetime trip with Tanumine and the others and not have a camera that was working. :-(

So that really decided me that I would get a new one. Like I said I've been thinking about it for a while, and now I just decided that there's no way in hell I will risk being at Tanumine and B.'s wedding with no camera. No way in hell. :-) Today seemed like the perfect day to buy it, since it's Constitution Day tomorrow and I will have lots of opportunities to experiment with the new camera. :-) I can hardly wait. :-) So I bought it today and already I'm so happy with it. It's exactly the one I wanted. I probably should have gotten another slightly different model - I was thinking this one - but I just wanted one particular camera so much. This one. Coolness.

It's so tiny, I can hardly believe it. Minute. It weighs hardly anything. I love the color. :-) But of course I do understand that more than appearances are important here; it takes great pictures as far as I can see so far, and it has all kinds of fun settings to play with. Unfortunately the most exciting thing I've had to take pictures of tonight is the view of the sunset from my balcony.

All the cool effects, they don't really show up that well with this kind of picture. I should probably have crowd shots or something. Tomorrow ... !! :-D

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