Monday, May 2, 2011

CROATIA 2011 - Celebrate

This song was supposed to be called Break A Leg, but HRT apparently decided that it needed a better title. And if you check out those lyrics, you may agree. :-)

That's not to say that the current lyrics are necessarily much better. I have to question the wisdom of opening a song in May 2011 with the phrase Friday, my night. (Damn you, Rebecca Black! :-D) And it doesn't get much better from there. But generally speaking we are of course not watching this for intelligent lyrics and correct English. And to be honest I kind of like it.

There's one rhyme in this song - well, not really a rhyme, they're trying to pretend that it is one, but it's not - that I just can't get out of my head. Stop the world for a moment/Shine like a comet. LOL! I love that! I agree with what a number of other commenters have said, that this isn't exactly top of the line. But I think it's fun. I like it despite myself ... like with the Andorran entry from 2008. :-)

This song sounds better live, at least in the recording that I've seen. It's fun live but more just a standard ditty in the studio version. Hope that works on stage in Düsseldorf too. :-)

The singer I'm not sure about - she seems rather unsure of herself and not like she's enjoying herself all that much. Which I think will definitely be a minus, if she gives off that vibe on stage. She should check out our Stella and take a page out of her book. ;-) I think this entry's success, or lack of success, will depend to a large extent on the performance.

But whatever success it has will be limited, in any event. May possibly get to the final, but probably not.

This is Daria Kinzer performing Celebrate by Boris Đurđević and Andrea Čubrić. They will be competing for Croatia on Tuesday, May 10th.

Widescreen here.

Lyrics here.

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