Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend in Hemsedal

No blog posts for the past couple of days - I've been incommunicado, or at least offline, at a cabin in Hemsedal, about three, three and a half hours from here. It's famous as a ski resort, I obviously didn't go there to ski, but because the company I work for owns this cabin up there. I had arranged for a surprise trip up there this weekend - or at least it was a surprise to one person ;-) - as a bachelorette party event for my best friend Tanumine. She is getting married on June 4th and I am lucky enough to be her maid of honor. She's not really a party girl so I planned something else instead - a weekend getaway for her, her sister, their cousins and a friend, and myself of course, to a place she knew nothing about, where secret things would happen. Just nice things, of course. She knew she was going away that weekend but nothing more. I'm pleased to report that everything went perfectly, we had a wonderful weekend and we all enjoyed ourselves tremendously. So, kudos on a good job to me. :-)

Some pictures, of course. I only took a couple hundred. ;-)

Lovely scenery.

Like I said, this place is mostly known as a ski resort. Still some snow on the slopes.

The rest of us had time to do a little shopping in the local arts & crafts store while Tanumine was being pampered. This artist had also made a little ceramic turtle, which went home with me. :-)

The bride!! :-) Trying to figure out the parasol on the veranda - we eventually gave up on it. But not before I got this wonderful shot. :-)

Whee!! Not too hard to figure out which one is me. ;-)

Cake! There must be cake!! We like a bit of cake.

Crazy monster city that grew and grew and grew during a late night game of Carcassonne, but, miraculously, was actually completed.

The sun has gone to bed and so must I ...

... knowing that after all the stress of planning it all went exactly as I'd hoped. Yay. :-)

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