Sunday, May 1, 2011

GEORGIA 2011 - One More Day

Georgia's kind of a country to watch in the contest, because they've sent some really original and quirky entries in their very short ESC career, some really good stuff. I'm always prepared to like the Georgian song. But WHAT is the deal with all the rap people are trying to do all over the place this year?? What is up with that? Seriously, people need to stop doing this.

If you've heard the studio version of this song, you may quite like it. I do too; the studio version, I mean. It sounds pretty good. This is another one of those songs that are just sort of middling, not at all bad, but also rather too lacking in personality to stand out from the crowd much. We've all heard this umpteen times before. The rap parts are also not that obtrusive in the studio version. However.

In the live version you can see below, the song starts out OK but ends up sounding like shit. Partly because the rap guy is so in your face, you can't overlook him. But mainly because of the lead singer. I said that Stella Mwangi can't sing for shit, and that's true, but she's the next Maria Callas compared to this girl. I have no idea how anyone can have a voice this weak and still think they're a singer. I just want to punch her in the face. With this performance they wouldn't stand a chance ... and it's hard to see how anyone could think that they would.

But! Since then, the singer has been replaced. About bloody time too. The new girl is hardly world class but she is a great deal better than her predecessor. Which admittedly doesn't say much. But this is sure to sound a lot better on stage in Düsseldorf.

Even considering that I'm not all that optimistic about this song's chances. It's a pretty good rocked up pop song, but I'm not sure it's original enough to stand out much. What it does have going for it is that Georgia got slot #9 in the draw, which places them between Switzerland and Finland, both of which have entries that are very very different from this one. So that's a plus. But, meh. We'll see. :-)

This is Eldrine performing One More Day by a couple of the band members and - I assume - a friend of theirs, all with dumbass stage names. They will be competing for Georgia on Tuesday, May 10th.

Widescreen here.

Lyrics here.

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