Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HUNGARY 2011 - What About My Dreams?

Whee, Hungary!! Hungary is one of my favorite countries in the contest. I LOVE their song from 2005. I'm always looking forward to seeing what they'll come up with. Last year they didn't participate - they couldn't afford to because of the financial crisis. I'm not entirely sure what they were thinking with this year's entry ... because the crisis is nowhere near over yet, and if it was too expensive to compete, it'll definitely be too expensive to host ... ! :-D

IMO this is one of the best entries this year. In fact the only thing I don't like about it is that it's partly in English. (You can hear it in Hungarian here.) This song is catchy, it has a great beat, it's much more original than so many of the other entries this year ... or any year. :-) It's professionally performed by someone who really knows what she's doing. Great voice and great personality. (I mean, as a performer, obviously. :-) Lyrics that actually mean something more than just the regular boy meets girl kind of thing. What's not to like?

Only problem is that I've felt that way about other entries in the past - the first example that springs to mind is Iceland six years ago, I love that song and I could hardly believe it when it didn't even get through from the semi. At the time I primarily blamed her outfit. But obviously there were other reasons too ... to my mind first and foremost that the entry was too professional, too ... I want to say over-produced. Too slick and too commercial. It didn't have enough personality and character left to appeal to the ESC audience. Another song that happened to was Belgium's in 2006. That was a real surprise to a lot of people. Not least the Belgians. :-)

Anyway ... I think this song is wonderful, I love it, it's one of my top three favorites this year. I hope, and I believe, that Hungary will do extremely well this year. I'm worried that their song will suffer the same fate as If Had Your Love and Je t'adore. But I very much hope not. Hungary deserves nothing but praise this year. Go Hungary!! :-)

This is Kati Wolf performing What About My Dreams? by Gergő Rácz, Viktor Rakoncza, Péter Geszti and Johnny K. Palmer. This talented quartet will be competing for Hungary on Tuesday, May 10th. Good luck!!!

Widescreen here.

Lyrics here.

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