Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Düsseldorf 2011 - semifinal 1

IT'S ON ... !! :-D

Feel your heart beat! Yes!! Oh, I'm so happy to metaphorically be in Germany. :-)

The Esprit Arena looks great. So many happy people. I'm not entirely thrilled with the presenters' outfits ... but I'm sure they'll be changing into something else soon. ;-) I love that thing in the ceiling ... although it's a little distracting, but I love it. Coolness.

The presenters are fun at the moment, but they may get a bit too funny if they go on like this.

We're off ... ! Starting with Poland. I like this song, I'm hoping it will get through. I don't like her tacky outfit though ... and I have to say her performance is really weak. Wow. This is kind of a surprise to me. I've heard her sing so much better than this. She looks kind of nervous and she sounds really nervous too. I had hopes for Poland but now I'm totally losing them. Aw. She's getting better as the song goes on, but ... this performance is seriously disappointing. I don't like the presentation, but it could have worked, it just sounds like shit.

The stage looks fantastic, but it's wasted on this shitty performance. It looks tacky and her voice is SO WEAK ... I'm kind of shocked by this, I've lost all hope in Poland in three minutes. Wow.

And now - Norway!! GO STELLA!!

Another weak singer ;-) but she still sounds a hell of a lot better than Magdalena. And she looks so much better. She doesn't seem nervous at all, she's obviously loving it up there. We're getting a much better reaction from the audience than the Poles got. The presentation looks much better too. Much classier and much more fun. I like the way they've changed the opening. Wow, the audience is really loving it. Alright!! People are shouting Stella's name even. Yay! The only thing I'm nervous about is that people won't want to vote for her because of the color of her skin ... it's mostly the easterners I'm worried about ... but on the other hand, when Estonia won ten years ago one of the singers was black. So it can happen. Not that I want us to win. But being in the final is fun. :-)

Albania. One of my least favorite entries this year. (They were one of my top favorites last year. :-D) I don't like her outfit. And she doesn't exactly have a great voice either. I mean, like the previous two singers. :-) She's still the best singer so far though. But the song is just so totally ... meh. It just gives me absolutely nothing to listen to this. I can't imagine we'll be seeing this again on Saturday.

Armenia. I like this song, even though it's not necessarily that good. I acknowledge that. But it's so catchy. I dig it. :-) And what a presentation! LOL! That's so like Armenia ... they're often really creative, I love that. This is kind of crazy but the song is too, and it definitely stands out. I like it. A boxing ring! LOL!! Someone's had a lot of fun with this choreography. :-D Only thing I have to say that's negative is that the performance started really great and then weakened ... but it picked up again towards the end. Overall I like this a lot. I'd love to see this again on Saturday. :-)

Turkey. I'm really looking forward to seeing their performance. I like the song, although it could have been much better with a better singer. (That's this year's refrain. ;-) Oh, wow! I was about to say how tacky is outfit is, but then I noticed the fantastic contortionist in the cage behind him ... ! :-D Wow. I said in my review that they needed to do something to make it more original for the final, and, wow, they really did. I like this. Definitely in the final.

But, in all honesty: We're clearly the best entry so far. And we definitely got the best audience reaction. I'm thinking this'll work out pretty well. Fun little interval bit there.

Serbia! They're my favorite in this semi. I'll so totally be voting for this. I love this entry. But what will they do with the stage?? OK, they're taking it all out. I love the backing singers' outfits. More than Nina's actually. But she's totally adorable. IMO it's too much with the enormous varicolored background, and her voice is weaker than I expected - she must be nervous - but this entry is really good. I'll be so surprised if they don't make it through. Such a wonderful song and actually really original in this year's lineup. A fun presentation and good performance too. Go Serbia!!!

Russia. Like I said in my review, I really like this song, but I can't tell you why. I can only tell you like ten reasons why I think I shouldn't like it. :-) But I do like it and I hope they get through. But sheesh, these lyrics! I lost my mind somewhere between/Your face and your perfect shape - LOL! Energetic performance ... and a charming singer for those who like that kind of charm. Yup, Russia'll be there on Saturday. This isn't very original, but kind of. Not at all bad.

Switzerland the cursed. I really like this song. And so far in the lineup this entry is really original, so who knows? The audience seems to like it a lot. She's so sweet and unlike almost all the other singers so far, she has a good voice. Unfortunate dress choice though, but we can't have everything. Adorable presentation! This so totally deserves to get through, and judging from the audience reaction I think they may stand a chance. Fingers crossed for Switzerland!!

Georgia. Hm, not at all bad. The singer's doing a good job ... really good compared to the one they had when they won their national contest. Replacing her was an excellent choice. Weird costumes. And WTF is with that rapping?? Totally inappropriate in this song and kind of ruins it IMO. But it's a good entry. My hopes rose a bit for Georgia seeing this.

Finland. An entry that I didn't like that much first time I heard it, but it's really grown on me. I like it more and more every time I hear it. (With the Turkish song it's kind of the reverse. Alas.) This is really original in this year's lineup and I have a hard time imagining it won't get through to Saturday. I love it that he's alone on stage. And that he doesn't have a lot of fireworks and SFX. Well, except the giant planet earth slowly rotating behind him, of course. ;-) He's doing a really very good job. Kudos to Finland. Very good entry.

Malta. Oh, the poor Maltese. Will they ever win? Quite possibly, but most likely not this year. Their song this year is pretty catchy and the singer's not that bad, but ... I don't know, I don't think it quite has what it takes. That little something extra. Kind of a weird presentation. Some audience members may be frightened off by his crazy Joker smile. Overall, not a bad entry, not at all ... but I just don't think this is really it. They may get through to the final, but I don't think they'll do very well there.

San Marino. This is a pretty ballad (with weird lyrics) which I think will be rather easily forgotten. Like with a lot of others tonight, I've heard her sing much better. Is there something in the water? o_O This is like so many other songs this year, there's nothing actually wrong with this entry, it's just too bland. Nope, no more San Marino this year. But I really like her dress. :-)

Croatia. Daria sounds awful but looks much better than I've seen her before. She doesn't look nervous and she looks genuinely enthusiastic. Too bad that she sounds like shit. Worst singer so far tonight, hands down. Ouch, my ears! The gimmicky outfit changes seem to be a hit with the audience, but I don't think it's enough to save this song. Which, again, there's nothing wrong with per se. Just not enough personality. And what hideous vocals.

Iceland! Aw, they're so cute. It is very sweet what they're doing for their friend. I can kind of understand people who are moved to vote for them when they hear that story. And there's nothing wrong with the song either. It's a sweet and fun entry. A nice melody with a good beat and a good message. This may go pretty well for Iceland. I like both the presentation and the performance. Although it does look like the stage is kind of too big for them. :-D Good luck to Iceland!

Ooh, now they're talking to our delegation in the green room. Which of course isn't green. Or a room. :-D They must have picked Stella to interview because we hosted last year, right? Don't know what other reason they could have had to pick her ... ;-)

Hungary! One of my major favorites this year. And not just mine. I dig this and I'm sure it'll get to the final. Not least because here's a singer who can really sing!! Best singer so far tonight, hands down. I'm not loving her dress ... and actually this isn't her best performance either, in fact rather far from it. There's got to be something in the water down there! But at least she doesn't look nervous on stage, at all. And it's a great song. I'm not too charmed with the presentation. What do these jumping dancers have to do with the subject matter of the song? o_O The audience seems to be loving her, and no wonder. A shoe in for Saturday, definitely.

Portugal. Sheesh. This is just so totally trashy. I don't even know what to say about this. There's nothing whatsoever that I like about this entry. It's garbage. Yes, I know they're protesting the injustices of the world, etc. But I just don't care. Push off, Portugal.

Lithuania. They've at least got a singer who can really truly sing. The night's best singer. And this has got to be a first - sign language in the ESC! :-D I think our Swahili chorus is a first, and France's Corsican entry may be a first too, but sign language is definitely something new. :-D Evelina is an absolutely wonderful singer, very charming, and the song is good too. Fingers crossed for Lithuania!

Azerbaijan. Another shoe in for Saturday. The night's only duet, although they seem to mostly be singing to the cameras rather than to each other. :-D I really like this song, there's something about the chorus that's just ... it's that little something extra. They're favorites this year and they totally deserve it. Everything is so right with this entry. Totally professional. An excellent entry, I like it. No need to wish them luck. :-)

Greece. I'm not a fan of this entry, because of the rapping. It's pathetic and stupid. This idiot rapper sucks ass. And the two parts of the song have nothing to do with each other, it's ridiculous. 'Stereo Mike' totally ruins this entry, which otherwise is dramatic and kind of interesting. STFU, dumbass! And really, are they serious? Greek pillars? Ouch. This entry not only sounds ridiculous, it looks ridiculous too. Which is so sad because it could have been really good. It'll be really interesting to see if the Greeks get through to Saturday with this ... they don't deserve to, but they actually may manage to, because the parts that are good are really good. Weirdness. o_O

Last entry done! The traditional overview of all the songs. I've voted five times for Serbia, once for Hungary and once for Switzerland. I was overwhelmed with sympathy. :-) Fingers crossed for Nina and Stella!! :-D

Nothing special about the interval entertainment so far. They're saving the good stuff for Saturday. :-) I'm surprised none of the presenters have changed their outfits. o_O Countdown to the end of voting ... done ... there!

Gotta say again that I really love this stage.

OK, a little German music to keep us entertained while the votes are tallied. Looks like fun. :-) Marching band with all drums. Fun. And quite athletic. But rather overlong. If I was writing this in Norwegian, I'd be using the word langdrygt right about now. Although I am suddenly feeling a strong urge to go to Bergen ...

OK, now it's almost time for the results. Come on! No, we have to see the Big Five first. Yay France! I love France! Although their video is weird and Amaury looks kind of deformed in parts of it. I love the German entry too. And their video is extremely weird. :-D

Aw, Nina from Serbia is just the cutest. :-) Ooh, they're talking to the new Svante Stockselius, he's Norwegian! Coolness. And he says that the results are ready. NERVOUS ... !!

Come on Serbia!! And Stella!! :-D

And the ten finalists are ... *drum roll*

Serbia!!! YES!! Whee!!!
Lithuania! The night's best singer gets her reward. :-)
Greece. Shit, now we have to listen to 'Stereo Mike' again. But not too surprising.
Azerbaijan. Of course. Well deserved.
Georgia. Again, not that surprising.
Switzerland! Yay!! Oh, they're so happy! I am too! :-D
Hungary. I knew it. :-)

Wow, the audience is chanting NORWAY! NORWAY! ... ! Wow!

Finland's in! I knew it! :-D
Russia. I was starting to get nervous for them! But of course they're in. :-)

One spot left - who will it be?? I AM SO NERVOUS ... !!

Iceland! Not a shock ... but ...

We're out! Aww! And Armenia's out too. That's more of a surprise than us. Huh. But overall unsurprising results. As long as Serbia and Hungary are in, and Portugal out, I'm mostly happy. :-)

Thanks to NDR for a great show so far. Can hardly wait till Thursday! What will be Sweden's fate?? ;-)


KAS said...

Voted for Finland (x2), Iceland (because we can block vote too!), Georgia and Switzerland. Wasn't impressed with anyone in this semi, though. Will miss Stella on Saturday.

Leisha Camden said...

You and Georgia ... !! What is the deal with that?? ;-) I was kind of impressed with Switzerland. They broke their curse. Other than that, Serbia all the way for me though. But there were a lot of what seemed like unnecessarily weak performances. Strange.

KAS said...

Trilltrall insisted, hence the Georgia vote. I didn't mind though ;-)