Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another outing for the turtles

My friend Anne Ida and I took the turtles out on the lawn again today. The weather was good (but unfortunately it's pretty windy) but it's not extremely hot like it was last week. Just as well. :-) We took some pretty good photos of the little guys ...

Herman was bizarrely preoccupied with Anne Ida's hand today ... he climbed around on her and spent a lot of time lying in the sun in her hand. Like this. :-) He also chewed on her a little - she must have touched something interesting ...

But of course there were interesting things on the ground too, which he did spend some time checking out.

I didn't get any pictures quite as good of Henrik, he was a little less willing to pose. As usual. This was the best shot. Anne Ida's holding him.

Raphael looks well-behaved and friendly in this photo, but ...

... about seven seconds after this was taken, he peed all over my arm. >:-) After which of course he immediately started to kick and squirm around to be let down. :-D

He is a villain I tell you, a most damnable villain!! :-D

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Leisha Camden said...


Raphael looks oddly small in that picture, and his head looks oddly big. Angle?

He turned his head right after this was taken, and Anne Ida was about to take a second shot (which would have shown him more in profile) but just then he unleashed his secret weapon ;-) ... so she never took that one. Too bad, it would have been interesting to compare the two shots.