Friday, June 6, 2008

Sad story

During my lunch hour just now I read an article in today's A-magasinet, a feature about Jonas Gardell who's just been awarded an honorary doctorate at the university in Lund. (A very prestigious institution.) He's my favorite comedian, I think he's pretty fantastic. :-) I've read almost all his books, I've got his shows on DVD, a certain movie he scripted is on my top five ever list and I've seen him live ... I think five times.

My parents once met his mother on a trip down the Swedish coast. But that's another story. She seemed like a real character when they met her, quite uninhibited, which I now think may have been due to early senile dementia. It was about four years ago that they met her. In this article it says that she's completely senile now and doesn't remember anything whatsoever.

There's a story in the article about how Gardell went to visit her recently - she's in a home - and brought one of his kids with him. When she saw her grandson, Mrs Gardell exclaimed, What an adorable child! Then she continued, Such a shame that I never had any children of my own.

Gardell has three siblings.

That is so sad.

My grandmother's not doing too great either, but at least she knows who I am.

Perspective ...

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