Friday, June 20, 2008

BookCrossing mass release project

Today's the day our project begins. :-) I'm so excited. :-) And lunacia is too - she came over on Wednesday to help me label the last of the books, and we talked about how cool this project may turn out to be. If things go well we hope to really spread the word about BookCrossing to lots of new people - get some fun journal entries on the books and hopefully some new members.

We'll be releasing about 90 books over the course of ten days. All titles that are relevant to 'queer culture' in some way. I'm so impressed with the books we've been able to collect! We've gotten 77 donations (OK, quite a few of them have been donated by us ;-) but we have gotten at least 40 books sent from abroad) and we've registered 17 books with the project's shelf as the user. So that's a pretty good number, we thought ... but it's also so impressive that we've been able to amass such a variety of books. There are books in English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, there's fiction and non-fiction, new contemporary fiction and classics, novels in a number of genres, short stories and poetry, a couple of YA titles, biographies, social commentary, self-help, books on history, movies, World War II ... I mean, wow!!

This afternoon I will be releasing the first ten books at the Cinematheque. I guess in about an hour or so. :-) Then every day till the end of the festival we will be releasing 8-10 more books; while the Oslo Gay & Lesbian Film Festival lasts the releases will be at the Cinematheque, and then for the three days left after that the books will be released in the Pridepark tent on City Hall Square. Altogether about 90 books.

Yay, us!! :-D

Here's hoping that this goes really well and we get a great response. And that a year from now we'll be doing the same thing again. :-)

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