Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What kind of person ...

... will actually sit down and take the time and spend the energy to write an email to a virtual stranger (because seriously: 'talking' on an irregular basis with someone on one internet forum over a period of, what, less than a year and a half means that they are still a stranger to you) for the sole purpose of making them feel like shit? What kind of person actively goes out of their way to make other people feel bad? For no reason other than to make them feel bad?

OK, I'm sure there is one other reason: making other people feel like shit makes them feel good about themselves. Really not sure that that makes it better though.

What kind of person is it who does something like that? Is there a word for it?

This really totally boggles my mind. I mean, I'm sure I make people feel bad from time to time myself. But I can honestly say that I never go out of my way, make a conscious effort, to hurt people's feelings. I actually feel bad myself when I realize that I've made others feel that way. (Although I must confess that accidentally hurt feelings or 'offense' (whatever that is) when somone misunderstands an obvious joke, or sarcasm (especially deliberately) does make me feel exasperated first and foremost, at least initially. One of my less appealing character traits?) I don't enjoy hurting people. It doesn't make me feel big and clever.

It takes all kinds, people are different, et cetera. Not a huge comfort to me right now. I'm not used to people being mean to me on purpose, and just to be mean.

It's really sad that some people can only feel big when they make others feel small.

But I'm glad that I'm not one of them, at least.


Leisha Camden said...

If that don't beat all ...

Now the pond scum's managed to claim (elsewhere on the same forum) that interactions like the one he had with me (safe to presume he was referring to this, although he didn't get that specific - fortunately) makes him feel dirty. Oh, what a BIG MAN he is.

I'm not a violent person, but I wish I lived in his neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, chin up and don't let the little tit get to you. I understand you'd want to back out of all contact with this person, but I'm still around and believe me, he ain't going to get an easy ride if I have anything to do with it. I can be the most awkward and aggressive so-and-so sometimes... he ain't seen nothing yet. :o)


Leisha Camden said...


I hope you'll do your worst. ;-) I'm sure when you put your mind to it, it isn't pretty. ;-)

Do whatever you can - he deserves it! - but I'm out of it. Wish things were different, but there you go. I can't keep from letting it get to me. If I'd met a person like that in real life, there's absolutely no way I'd even consider having anything to do with them ... maybe I'm a coward, but I don't have the nerve to do anything differently because it's 'just' online.

Any place I don't like going to is a place I should avoid. Pretty simple.

Good luck ;-) and thanks for your support!!!