Monday, June 9, 2008

Things Only Idiots Believe, Part Three.

A turtle can get out of its shell.

No, it cannot. And even the most cursory examination of one of these animals should be enough to tell anyone that.

If you remove a turtle from its shell, you'll be torturing it to an agonizing death.

Can your spine safely be removed from your body??


Paz said...

how many you kill, before proving this hehe :P

Leisha Camden said...

GASP!! What are you insinuating?? :-o I have given the creatures a close examination, and as you see, even a cursory examination reveals this simple fact ... !

Paz said...

:D close exam and photo's to boot (or of booty)

Leisha Camden said...


Paz said...

you could start a whole blog on things idiots believe, one or two things I heard people say are unbelievable and unprintable, you should continue this from time to time like the quote of the week

Leisha Camden said...

I will continue the series, definitely, but I must have material that is stupid enough.

I'm constantly collecting material (there's no shortage, alas), so keep an eye out ... ;-)