Friday, June 20, 2008

Mission accomplished!!

I released ten books around the lobby and the cafe on the ground floor at the Cinematheque. I got some strange looks. :-) It was fun. Here's hoping the books get caught ... !!

I went there directly from work; took the subway to Railway Square station and walked over to the Cinematheque, which is is in Queen Street - how appropriate at the moment. ;-) To get there I had to cross Railway Square which at the moment is basically one giant construction site. I spotted this sign on one of the fences there:


Well, that company is a customer of ours at work. I sell a lot of stuff to guys from that company. So it was kinda fun to suddenly come across their sign like that. :-)

I had ten books with me and I spread them around the ground floor, except in the store. I think they have some books for sale in addition to DVDs, and I don't want to risk anything getting mixed up. I also had some flyers with me, the ones from Wren's Crossing (not quite up to date, but otherwise great - thanks to TexasWren for making them available :-) and some of boirina's beautiful bookmarks (she really deserves thanks for her creativity and generosity!!) - I put these in a stack by the little window where they normally sell tickets.

It'll be so exciting to see how this goes.

Update, Saturday 21st
When lunacia went to release today's stack of books, she looked around for Friday's releases. Only one of the ten were still there, nine were gone. Yay! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Mission accomplished indeed! Well done.