Monday, June 16, 2008

BookCrossing project going on ...

Findabair was here this afternoon (ie Sunday afternoon, obviously :-), we spent several hours labelling BookCrossing books. Sixty of them! Yay, us. :-) The books are for a project I cooked up ... almost a year ago, I guess. Scary - time flies.

My idea was for us (ie, the 'hard core' of Oslo BookCrossers) to do a mass release, that is, release a lot of books all at the same time, during Skeive Filmer, the Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. If the books were 'queer interest' ones I figured we'd have a much better chance than with 'normal' wild releases of the books finding - oh, OK, being found by - readers with an interest in just that subject matter. The others thought the idea was good and we've been collecting suitable books for months now. We've also been getting lots of books donated by other BookCrossers from the US and a number of places in Europe. Kewl. Now the project is only a week away. I'm really psyched about seeing how it turns out.

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