Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A friend sent me this ...

(Not the button, just the link. Here.)

It's something some Republicans in Texas have come up with, apparently. They are/were selling them at the GOP convention there.

'If Obama becomes President' [obviously] [and what's with the ellipsis, it's like an epidemic] 'will we still call it The White House?'

Or will you be reduced to using a lower case t in 'the' [as you should have been doing all along]?

It is a house that is painted white. Personally, I fail entirely to see why any other name than 'White House' should be necessary. Do they think that they can get people to believe that they think ANYONE actually wonders about that name?? Can they?

Nice touch to make the background color on the button black. Subtle.

'Barack Obama - the first affirmative action president'. Seriously, I've heard (ie, seen) people calling him that.

What do you call a person who thinks that no black man can ever achieve anything big & important on his own merit?

Silly post, I know ... but I can't take this seriously enough to write anything that doesn't sound like sarcasm. It is so blatantly racist, and yet it's possible to claim that it isn't racism.

Another day, another reason to be grateful that I'm not American.

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