Monday, June 23, 2008

Religion, bah humbug!!

It's one thing when people insist on being religious themselves. Personally I don't get where they're coming from. I mean, in this day and age. But to each their own. When they start trying to shove it down my throat, however, I tend to lose my temper.

When I got to the subway station this morning, on my way to work, there were like half a dozen missionary-type women standing just inside the door handing out flyers. (I'm sorry, but when women with long hair and ankle-length skirts want to tell me about Jesus ... sorry, but whatever you have to say, put a sock in it, I don't want to hear it.) They were very actively pushing the things on everyone, and I was partly in a hurry to catch the train (as I always am ;-) and partly not entirely awake yet (I hate getting up in the morning) so basically I took it by reflex. When I saw what it was I crumpled it up and threw it on the floor behind me as I walked towards the tunnel that leads down to the platform. One of the women called out, Du trenger ikke være så sur, da! [You don't have to be so grumpy!] Cue some random giggles from her fellow zealots.

Dumb as shit, much??

When you're out in public with the express purpose of sharing your religious beliefs with random strangers, it's got to be a good idea to make sure that those strangers are in a good mood. That's gotta be like Evangelizing 101. And there is NO more certain way known to man to make sure that people become grumpy than to ask them if they're grumpy OR tell them not to be grumpy! I would in all seriousness have thought that there couldn't be a single person over the age of 14 who didn't know that.

From this, I can only conclude that being really religious makes you kinda stupid.


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Anonymous said...

You don't HAVE to be grumpy, true enough. But darn it feels good sometimes.... ;)