Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Things Only Idiots Believe, Part One.

Norway is the last Soviet state.

When I stop to consider the fact that there are supposedly normal adults in this country who genuinely believe this ... I just want to kick someone in the face.

Nobel laureate Alexandr Solzhenitsyn once said the following:

If you think that this is a dictatorship, you don't know what dictatorship is.

Guess what he was talking about when he said that?

Spain under General Franco.

Comparing wealthy, liberal Norway with its enormous freedoms for each individual citizen, its unarmed police and its transparent democracy (I could go on ad nauseam!) in ANY way to a USSR-style dictatorship is an insult of the gravest kind to the many persons who have lived and are now living under the yoke of this form of tyranny.


Leisha Camden said...

Here's some proof of my claim.



Leisha Camden said...


'Socialism in Norway' my shiny metal ass!!!!

Anyone would seriously have to be deluded to believe that we have socialism here.