Thursday, May 14, 2009

Croatia, Ireland, Latvia

I really like this song, it's a lovely ballad. But there are so many good ballads this year, it may be a bit too forgettable.
I like the presentation, except the backing singers touching themselves inappropriately.
Ooh, and look - the girl singer wears white while all the others wear black. Not a transparent trick at all, no ... :-D
Good entry, but maybe a bit too anonymous.

Moscow welcomes Katy Perry!! :-D
This is a really catchy song and it will probably appeal to a lot of the younger audience members. Of whom there are many, in the east especially. But will they like this kind of pop music, that's the question ...
I like the presentation, although it's a bit 'teeny' for my taste. But eye-catching.
This song will probably either get through or miss it by just an inch.

I don't like the fact that they're singing in Russian. Sucking up, much? Fortunately it's a very unpopular language generally in Eastern Europe, so the one will cancel the other out. ;-)
This song gets annoying quickly. It isn't what you'd call melodious ... or actually the chorus is, but the verse is just ... well, annoying. And the backing singers don't match the song at all. Bah.
No, this guy needs to go. Bye bye Latvia.


nona35 said...

Croatia: Nice ballad. The melody and the voice are nice but nothing really special for me. I'd prefer Serbia instead.
Ireland: The melody stayes in my mind a lot. I think that it would pass if it was in the 1st semi.
Latvia: Dear God!!!!! What annoyance for my nerves! Terrible!

Leisha Camden said...

You're probably right that the Irish entry would have done better in the first semi. This second one was very even. No fantastically great songs and few totally shitty ones. Bad luck for Ireland. :-(