Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Montenegro, Czech Republic, Belgium

The song is very catchy live. But the presentation is kind of tacky and not that orginal, IMO.
Did I say 'kind of tacky'? She just straddled him, so scratch the 'kind of'. o_O
I seriously don't like this performance.
The chorus is catchy, but I don't think that'll be enough to save this song. Especially considering their extremely bad starting number.

Czech Republic:
Such a fantastically cool presentation ... !!!
I love their performance. :-D
And I really like the song too. It's fun, they're fun. What they're doing with the stage is just fantastic. (The stage rocks. :-) I dig this entry ... but ...
I suspect it may totally bomb because it's too weird. Alas. :-(

Not a lot of cheering for Belgium. No surprise. I think they'll do badly.
I like the song (kind of despite myself ;-) but I think this is totally the wrong place for it.
I don't think the audience will get this.
The presentation is good ... but again, I don't think the audience will get it. Or at least not a big enough of part of the audience.
The song gets kind of annoying after a while, it's a bit repetitive.
Nah, we won't be seeing this on Saturday, I don't think.


nona35 said...

Montenegro: I kinda like this smiling girl but....... Travolta dancer??????? bliahhhh!!!!!!!
The song was too repetative nice voice though.
Czech Republic: Very funny and the energy was wow!!! I was pretty certain it wouldn't pass :-(
Belgium: I'm happy it didn't pass. Bad entry once again for Belgium this year. I prefer Germany ;-)

nona35 said...


Leisha Camden said...

I agree, the Montenegrino presentation was really bad. They ruined their own entry IMO. The Czechs were fun but too weird. And Belgium just had a song that didn't fit. That type of song doesn't work in the ESC. Neither does the Germany entry but it's totally cool anyway ... ! :-D