Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FYR Macedonia, Romania, Finland

FYR Macedonia:
They're trying really hard, but there's just nothing to this song that we haven't all seen a hundred times before. And heard.
I don't have high hopes for this.

Has anyone seen the movie Mean Girls ... ? Just asking, since the term 'army of skanks' came floating into my mind now ...
What they're doing with the stage is pretty. But the presentation is totally fucked up. It has nothing to do with the song.
OMG, folk dance Riverdance ripoff. Sad.
Overall very unimpressive. I wonder if this girl understands enough English to know what she's actually singing in her sylvan paradise ... ?
I hope we won't see this song again - but Romania has a lot of fans in the ESC, so it's hard to say.

Hm. A catchy song, but maybe overly catchy. It kind of gets repetitive after a while. At least IMO - this isn't really my type of music.
Four singers, and not one that can really sing ... o_O
This song may do well, I wouldn't be surprised. If there are a lot of young people watching, it may go down like a house on fire. :-)


nona35 said...

Fyrom: Boring as you said. Not as bad as Bulgaria but still........
Romania: Catchy song, good looking singer. Nothing special but I knew this would pass.
Finland: This song is so Eurovision!!!!! It could go well in the final. I'm glad it passed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm not happy with Finland's entry this year. I voted for Signmark, even though hip hop isn't my favourite type of music either. But Waldo's People won...

Leisha Camden said...

The Finnish entry this year was so Eurovision, kind of, but maybe more like 5-10 years ago ... ? I don't think it was really quite ... 2009. :-) And I guess the rest of Europe thought so too. But kudos to you anyway, Finland, for thinking outside the box at least. :-)