Thursday, May 21, 2009

My blog's first anniversary!!

And I forgot it!! Dagnabbit!! This is soo typically me. I was going to write a celebratory post, and, I don't know, mark the occasion somehow. I was at least going to mention it. At the beginning of May I checked the blog archive to see when I'd made my first post and then made a mental note to remember that date and post something relevant on, yes, May 15th. And then I totally forgot until today, May 21st. Duh. That is SO me ... !!

May 15th has been and gone, so, alas, nothing I can do. Just try harder to remember it next year. :-) I wanted to do something special on the anniversary, but, well, it seems a little pointless now, since I missed it. Sheesh. I never learn. :-) I always do this.

I've had the day off today, since it's Ascencion Day (yeah, Norway is the most secularized society in western Europe, but we still have a shitload of religious holidays - anything to get a day off work ;-) and I've basically been lazing around doing almost nothing all day. I'm reading a rather interesting book about the Knutby murders, so I've been reading a lot. And I've been fiddling around with my computer, sorting through pictures and what not. And I made a count of something, get this:

I've been blogging for one year and six days, and I've written 675 blog posts. This is the 676th. That's kind of crazy. But what's done is done. I'm in too deep to quit now. Also, 2,303 comments have been left on the blog. (A bunch of those are my own, of course. I do tend to talk back a bit. I'm nowhere near crazy enough to go through all of that to find out the percentage. Unless there is some Blogger feature I'm unaware of that lets you do that easily??) I have no idea whether that is pretty good or pathetic or whatever it is, but it's a number, anyway. I've been really good today about avoiding doing anything useful. ;-)

Anyway ... I was going to write a serious post today, but I guess that's out the window. I'll just celebrate belatedly instead by getting a movie rating on my blog. It's rated R cause I said fuck. Oops. Congratulations to me!! :-D

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Paz said...

Happy anniversary and R rating, your blog has been entertaining me for the past year as I travel (except in ESC season :P)
Never heard of the Knutby murders till now thanks for the link

KAS said...

Gratulerer med dagen på etterskudd :-D

Happy anniversary, good on you for keeping it up!

Marcos Imamura said...

Hei!!! Gratulerer med dagen!! Yes, that's me and I am still trying to find some time to write decently to you. Hope to do it in the near future and do hope you will understand my lack of time then... Anyway, just passing by and great to hear your blog has one year already! And with 676 posts!!! That's amazing!!
Well, lots to tell you about, but I will let it to my letter... :-D
Ha det bra!
Marcos Imamura

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks, guys!! :-)

Paz: I hope to keep entertaining you for a long time to come, now that ESC season is over (at least until next year, when it'll be worse than ever ;-). And of course any time I can enlighten anyone on the topic of a brutal murder I am happy to oblige. :-)

KAS: takk! Gøy å se at du følger etter ... ;-)

Marcos: Hi!! So great to see you here again!! I can't wait to read that letter and find out everything you've been up to since last time. No pressure though. ;-) I suspect that I will understand your lack of time, in fact I have a strong hunch ... !! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!
(I love the R rating, too ;)How can I get one?)

You just reminded me that I also passed my first year blogging anniversary in April and didn't even realize! Time flies, doesn't it?

Leisha Camden said...

Congrats to you too, then, Margo! Hope you're doing well. :-) To get the rating, just click on the widget and it'll take you to the site. :-)

Paz said...

one wonders did you write about men liking to F#CK in order to get the R rating

Leisha Camden said...

I think so. I'm pretty sure that what that widget site does is just to scan the first page of the blog and rate it based on that. Just my luck. ;-)

Anne Ida said...

A belated happy blogiversary to you!!!

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks! :-)