Saturday, May 16, 2009

Russia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Hercegovina

KAS hadn't seen this before, I said she'd probably think it's boring. And she thought it was boring. I know her so well ... ! ;-)
The effect they're going for with the pictures there is kind of ... vaguely interesting. But she so overdoes it. Total overacting. And the song itself is nothing special.
No way Russia's in for a repeat performance.

Now these people we also have to beat, because that guy is actually Swedish. Swedish-Iranian. Can't have that.
Awful outfits ... !!
The song isn't bad, not bad at all. But the presentation sucks ass and hopefully will ruin their chances.
They are supposed to be kind of a favorite, but I don't see that. Sorry, Swedish man. >:-)

Bosnia & Hercegovina:
We have a word in Norwegian that describes the presentation of this song really well: overtydelig. Not sure how to say that in English. It's not a compliment. ;-)
But the song is good, very good, I like it a lot. Deservedly a favorite. I think they'll do well.
A cool song and a cool presentation, even though it's soo obvious. :-) Good luck to Bosnia, although I don't think they'll need it. :-)

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