Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whew ... !!

All the entries have been performed and the voting is on. So, whew. :-) Now the traditional well-rehearsed embarrassing chitchat from the hosts. Aw. Wouldn't be the same without it! :-)

Ooh, the voting is almost over ... !! :-o

And now, the interval entertainment ... ! Always interesting. First some Russian folk songs, and then - a surprise. Ooh ...

Oh, I love the choir!! :-D And such cool dancing. Me like. And that thing with the stage floor is fantastic. Wow.

Overall a pretty good interval show ... but for me the inclusion of t.A.T.u. lowered the tone a bit. I like the military theme. Very Russian. :-)

And the finalists are, in no particular order ...

Oh, this is so high-tech ...

Turkey!! Of course! :-)
Sweden! Oh, they're so happy ... !! And to think they've been bitching all night about the shitty sound Malena got ... !! :-D
Israel. o_O
Portugal. Yay! :-)
Malta. Yep.
Bosnia & Herzegovina. Of course.
Romania. Yeah ... argh ...
Armenia. I knew it.
Iceland. Yes!! Oh, I was getting so worried! Yay!!

Icelanders so happy ... !! :-D

So my guesses were pretty good. I got Israel wrong, but as KAS just said in a text message, Israel always gets to the final. Yeah, I guess. >:-( Damnit. I wish I'd been wrong about the Czechs. I thought I had at first, because the Norwegian commentator - stupid Synnøve Svabø, I don't know why they're using her - called it wrong.

I hope these results will put a stop, for a while, to all that whining about the East countries always squeezing the rest of us out ... >:-(

Aven Romale and good night. :-)


KAS said...

Good for Iceland. Happy for them, etc, and I know this can't possibly be their fault, but... and I know it's the Eurovision, the height; no, the definition, the very incarnation of kitsch, but seriously. The dolphin. WHAT WAS THAT.

Also not really very happy with the stage in general. The poor performers are practically invisible half the time, drowned out by lights and colours and madness.

47themeaningoflife said...

consider my self very lucky cos I only have to watch the entries once :-) thank you to myself for not having television :-) however I am looking forward to Saturday. I have even finished my contribution to the food area :-) chilli/cayenne/piri piri meatballs :-) This will be goooooooooooood :-)

Gealach said...

Yes, there was something strange about the sound, but it happened to some of the others too, I think.

The whole thing about the Swedish song is her voice, the lyrics are rather silly, I think. Let's just hope the sound is better on Saturday.

Leisha Camden said...

KAS, lol!! When I said that I dug what they were doing to the stage during the Icelandic entry, that was before they brought out the dolphin ... !! :-D But what are you saying about the stage?? Lights and colors and madness ... that IS the ESC ... !!! :-D

Audi, yeah, it'll be great!! :-D

Gealach: IMO the great thing about the Swedish song is the chorus. Which no one can understand anyway because it's performed opera style. :-) I agree about the lyrics otherwise, they are silly, don't fit the song. But I'm happy you guys got through. Maybe all five Nordic countries will be there on Saturday. :-)