Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slovenia, Hungary, Azerbaijan

Sheesh, the Norwegian commentator is so stupid. She just said that this entry is instrumental. No, it obviously isn't, because that's against the rules. Gah.
Same presentation as in the national final. I thought as much. It's striking and memorable. I like what they're doing with the stage ... I like the color scheme. Good presentation.
A song that's easy to remember, great melody.
It may be too odd to get very far, but I quite like it myself.

Oh, the outfits ... !! o_O
It's not a bad song, but I don't have high hopes for it. There have been other entries before that have been very much like this one, and they have done badly.
Tacky presentation.
Also, probably not very smart to play it quite so gay in Russia. I'm not a racist, but. Just sayin'.

Eek!! What the hell is this??
I know I said I thought this entry would get through, but I think I take it back ... ! :-o
Awful outfits. And they sing so badly ... ! He was much better in the video. Huh.
Bad presentation of a good song.
They may get a bunch of votes from Sweden since Arash is Swedish-Iranian.
Swedish-Iranian, and competing for Azerbaijan. See how the ÈSC is working its magic ... !! :-D


nona35 said...

Slovenia: It was ok until the singer ripped the paper and came on stage!! Just kidding hahahaha!!!
Too many good songs in this semi so she didn't stand a chance.
Hungary: Oh my.... who chose the clothes?????????
A decade ago it would be a great hit!
Azerbaijan: Catchy song. I think it'll do pretty well in the final.
I like the girl better than the guy!

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, what was with the male singer for Azerbaijan?? His singing voice sucked yesterday. It sounded really bad to my ears ... and I don't usually notice stuff like that a lot.