Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cyprus, Slovakia, Denmark

A good song that I for some reason don't quite like.
Anne Ida says that this song reminds her of Silje Vige ... yeah, I can see that. Or hear it, whatever. :-)
Great presentation. I really like the presentation.
The song may do well, her voice is certainly one that sticks in the memory. But for some reason this just doesn't ... speak to me. :-)

Yay, Slovakia!! :-D
A duet ... and one that I really like.
They're getting a good reception. And well-deservedly so.
The singers are putting a lot of emotion into their performance ... ;-) but why not. It's that kind of song.
Overall pretty darn good, IMO. Maybe I'll send a few votes their way too.
Kudos for singing in Slovakian.

A totally straight pop song performed in a totally straight way. Go 'way, Denmark! Seriously, this song is just dull as dishwater. Can there be one person in the audience who hasn't heard this a hundred times before?
There's nothing in particular wrong with this song, but there's nothing much else about it, either.
Just ... yawn.


nona35 said...

Cyprus: Beautiful presentation and she's so sweet! Her voice sounded better! I wish she was in the final instead of Lithuania. I really liked this song!
Slovakia: Too boring for me. And the presentation was nothing much!
Denmark: Nice voice and he's kind of cute! The song is just ok though!

Leisha Camden said...

Yes, I'd much rather have seen Cyprus in the final than Lithuania. And the Danish guy is just a total Ronan Keating clone. Huh, weird ... ;-)