Monday, May 4, 2009

Done and done!! :-D

It is done ... !! :-D

The post on France was the last of my ESC reviews for this year. Whew. :-) Notice how they started out incredibly long and then got shorter and shorter ... ? Well, it's a fun topic to write about, but I'm relieved to have it all done. Now expect what I hope will be some entertaining blog posts on completely different things ... tomorrow, for instance, I will share with you the best spam email EVAR. Seriously. I could hardly believe my eyes. Of course there is some more ESC stuff coming up ... but the reviews are done and done.

To celebrate, here's another great Keanupic. Enjoy, those of you for whom that is an enjoyable ... thing.

I really like this picture ...


nona35 said...

You finally did it!!!!
Congratulations Leisha!!!
As a summary I'd say that 2009 has many ballads, two funny songs, good entries (after a looong time) for the big 4 (I liked France's 2008 entry though) and lots of violins!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let the party begin!!!!!!!!!

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks! :-D

I agree with your assessment, very good! It's funny how every year there is one or two things that just seem to crop up everywhere. This year it's definitely violins and ballads. :-D I agree that there are a lot of good songs this year. Hardly any really really bad ones. So yay. :-)

In one week it's showtime ... !!!!! :-D