Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Israel, Bulgaria, Iceland

They are getting a more enthusiastic reception than I'd expected.
The song sounds better here than it did in the national final. Their performance is better, they're singing better.
I like the song more now, but I still think it's pretty boring. And full of clichés.
Pretty good presentation, but nothing very memorable.

Tee-hee! Hardly anyone cheers for Bulgaria. :-D
I love what they're doing to the stage, but nothing can save this song.
OMG check out her hair ... !! lolz!!
I hate this song and I never want to hear it again.
Their outfits are awful too.
Go away, Bulgaria.

Ooh, pretty pretty beautiful song ... !! One of the best songs this year. And yay, they're getting a great reception in the Arena. :-)
And check out what they're doing with the stage, that is fantastic ... !! Wow!! Wonderful!
A lovely song, a lovely singer with a lovely voice. All of it so pretty. :-) I hope and believe that Iceland will do very well this year. Should definitely get to the final.
But! Imagine if they won. :-o They're already up shit creek. Winning the ESC would be like losing the paddle. Yeah, we were figuring out that whole financial mess we were in, we were getting on top of that, and we would have worked it all out too ... but then we won the goddamn ESC!! :-D


nona35 said...

Israel: Flat, indifferent song and presentation. Not happy this is in the final!
Bulgaria: What a circus!!!!! Terrible is the only word I can say!!!! Pain for my eyes and ears!!!
Iceland: LOL Leisha!!!!!!!
I loved it. Excellent voice, beautiful girl, lovely song and super presentation!!!!!!

Leisha Camden said...

Israel: This sounds prejudiced but IMO this song wouldn't have gotten to the final if it hadn't been Israeli.

Bulgaria sucked ass and I'm so glad they didn't get anywhere.

Iceland's song was wonderful and I'm thrilled that they ended up in 2nd place. Perfect. :-)