Saturday, May 16, 2009

Albania, Norway, Ukraine

OK, there's nothing wrong with this song in and of itself. Although of course it would have been better if she could sing.
But the song doesn't matter, because they're ruining the entire thing with that guy in green sequins and the mimes.
I'll say one thing for it, though: this is the kind of thing that you will only see in the ESC.

LOL! We're singing along even before the song has started ... !! :-D
I do still like this song, kind of, even though I've heard it so many times that it's starting to get really annoying.
The presentation's good.
His performance was better in the Norwegian contest. He's done this too many times now, it's starting to get too polished. But here's hoping it'll be good enough. :-)
Good luck, little hobbit!!

Awful hideous piece of trash.
She looks like such a slut, her dancing is so awful, the costumes, the presentation, everything is just such total crap and shit.
I hate this so much.
If this song wins, it'll prove everything negative that any ESC hater has ever said about this contest.

LOL! KAS is so modest - she says that she doesn't understand who can possibly win this thing but us. :-D


DES said...

The Ukrainian entry was, uhm, what's the word... interesting? Yes, that's it, “interesting”—but not, uhm, not in a good way...

Leisha Camden said...

Total skankfest ... o_O