Thursday, May 14, 2009

Albania, Ukraine, Estonia, the Netherlands

WTF is this?? :-o
As I predicted, they've changed the song a lot since the national final. Well, they've had to, it was way too long. The song is much much better now. But.
WTF is with the guy in green? And the two mimes?? o_O
Bizarre choreography.
Weirdest presentation this year. And especially after the wonderful Moldovan entry, this totally falls on its face.
Bye bye, Albania.

OK, now, I totally hate this song. The presentation is awful, she's awful, the song sucks and just ... everything is so wrong. Yuck.
What are the backing dancers wearing, and why??
Riddle me this ... if a woman dresses like a whore, dances like a whore and acts like a whore, then ... what ... ? o_O
There is nothing I like about this song.
Anne Ida says she hopes everyone under the age of ten is in bed by now. ;-)
Piece of shit. I cannot comprehend how this can be a favorite. Fingers crossed that it doesn't make it through. Someone have mercy and don't make us sit through this one more time.

Ooh, Rändajad ... !!
I like it, I love it!! A beautiful song, wonderfully performed. She has such a lovely voice.
A beautiful presentation.
A fantastic entry. Estonia, you've got my vote.

The Netherlands:
Anne Ida can't stand the guy in the middle ... :-D
She's right though, there's something seriously weird about his voice.
Kind of overkill to call the song Shine, and then wear those sparkly suits ... ? OK, we get it.
I like the backing singers' dresses, though. V. nice.
I stand by what I said before - this is a song that could have been in the contest ten years ago. And probably would have done better then.
It's a catchy song with a good beat, but I don't think it has what it takes to go all the way. Not anymore.


nona35 said...

Albania: I hated the presentation and the outfits (green spiderman?????) and the song is nothing really special. I wonder how this got through!!!!
Ucraine: Someone on Greek tv said that the singer, the only thing she didn't do was to make coffee! She did everything else!!!!!!
Too many things all together!
It's pretty catchy though! Oh,,, and I hated the outfits... bliahhhhhhhh

nona35 said...

Estonia: Now this is my absolute favourite this year!!!!! I couldn't aggre more Leisha!!! Beautiful voice and a great performance. Very classy! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
The Netherlands: Very old fashioned for my taste! They tried very hard but...... no!!!!

Leisha Camden said...

I know!! I don't understand why the Albanians got through. Who on earth voted for that Britney Spears clone and her green alien?? Total weirdness. But Estonia got through too, that's the most important thing. :-)

Ukraine sucks ass. I have such a bad feeling about that song. Now I'm rooting for our song more than ever - anything will be better than having to watch Ukraine win with that piece of shit. >:-(