Thursday, May 14, 2009

Serbia, Poland, Norway

I really like this entry. Kudos for singing in Serbian. And I love what they're doing with the stage. A fun entry, a fun presentation. Great presentation. I dig this!
Only thing is it may be too weird. I'm not at all convinced that it will get through, but I hope so.
In comparison with the previous entry, which is also a somewhat weird song, this one has a great melody, you can hum along to it.
Go Serbia!! :-)

Another lovely ballad. (Although the Croatian one is still my favorite of these two, I think. :-)
The presentation here is excellent. Beats the Croatians hands down.
Great presentation, really. :-)
Anne Ida is here with me and she says that it's a nice song, nice to listen to, but there's nothing very special about it. I agree. No real hook. Sorry, Poland, but I think we've seen the last of you this year.
Rather silly lyrics ... and the bridge of the song isn't very good, either. Weird.

Oooh ... !! :-)
A great reception from the audience in the Arena, that's a good start. :-)
Oh, I love the backing singers' dresses!!! Ooh!! Want ... !!
I like what they're doing to the stage - although, apparently, it's not at all what the Norwegian delegation wanted. But I like it a lot. Especially all the colors on the floor ... nice.
Aw, he's such a cutie. Too babyfaced for my taste. But he definitely knows how to flirt with the camera.
The crowd seems to really love this entry. Well, that's understandable. :-) I think it went very well.
Good luck, little hobbit man!!
And in case anyone's wondering whether Rybak is really playing that fiddle? Yes and no. :-) Obviously he isn't playing it live - that's against ESC rules. But the recording is of him playing. So ... yes and no. :-)


DES said...

Uh, why aren't they allowed to play live?

Leisha Camden said...

Because those are the rules. All vocals must be performed live, and all music must be pre-recorded. Same for everyone.

It's really only fair when you think about it - some countries *cough* are rolling in money and can pay to send all sorts of top musicians, whereas others are so poor that their performers have to pay their own hotel bills. (I think the Moldovans are having to do that this year.) The rules are an attempt to level the playing field as much as possible.

nona35 said...

Serbia: The more I listen to it and mostly, the more I watch this guy, the more I like it. Too bad for Serbia!
Poland: I wonder if the juries saved this one. Just an ok song from a pretty girl with a nice voice.
Norway:Oh yes! Our big opponent ;-D
lOVED IT! He's so sweet and he seemed more energetic on stage!
Deffinitely voting for you this year!!!!!!

Leisha Camden said...

I'd rather have had Serbia in the final than Poland. Much rather. I agree with you that the more I hear the Serbian song, the more I like it. :-)

I'm glad you like our entry. We'll be honored to have your vote! :-) But really, vote for anything, just don't vote for Ukraine ... !! ;-)