Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh, the excitement ... !!

How shall we endure it ... !! :-D

I can't believe they started the voting from the space station. These people really don't know when to draw the line. :-D

We don't understand the interval entertainment. But then we aren't really paying attention.

OK, we've voted umpteen times ... mostly for Eastern countries, in fact. ;-) Every single person here has voted for Estonia. Yay. :-)

And it's starting ... now. :-o

I have a really good feeling about Fairytale right now. And I don't think there'll be anyone tonight that gets the dreaded nil points. The field is so even this year! I hardly dare to pick a winner. But maybe that's because I'm afraid of my own bias ... ?

The first twelve is ours! Yay!

zomg we got germany's twelve!!!!1! :-o They always give their twelve to Turkey. OMG.

Sweden - give us your twelve ... !!!
Yes!!! Alexander, you've changed the course of history!!

I can't believe how well the British entry is doing. I'm sure this is all down to the jury groups. Oh, I'm so relieved suddenly - the Brits are doing well because of the juries, and because of them, Ukraine will do incredibly badly. YES!!! I am happy now. Whew.

Twelves, more twelves ... !!! Of course we got the Belarusian one. And the Russian. And, and, and ...

Alexander is doing the same thing he did in the national final. Crushing everyone. OMFG this is so fantastically cool. Now I regret not tooting our own horn more and posting constantly about how sure I was that we would win. ;-) I tried to compensate for my nationalistic bias - oh, why didn't I have more confidence?? LOL!!

Turkey doing very well, as expected. I'm so happy that Iceland is doing so well!! They totally deserve it, and like I said they need something to be happy about right now. If they end up in second place, that would be perfect. They'd be incredibly happy, but they wouldn't have to do the actual final. Or, spend the money, is what I mean.

We are totally crushing everyone. We have won. OMFG.

Please forgive me this little song, but I just can't help myself.

Seier'n er vår, seier'n er vår!!
Vi har vinni, seier'n er vår!!
Seier'n er vår, seier'n er vår!!
Vi har vinni, seier'n er vår!!

Tomorrow will be the best May 17th EVAR.

May 22nd, 2010. Telenor Arena. I AM THERE. o_O


Paz said...

Did not watch the ESC, there was better things to be done in life :P, but checked in to see how ye got on, congrats well done, at least ye will appreciate it more than us, have a great night celebrating I hope ye do cause you enjoy this so much.
One thing tho if you bring find' over to the dark side I will not forgive you!

Paz said...

Findabair be carefull!!!!

Leisha Camden said...

lol!! Thanks!! I bet you are relieved now though since I will move on to post about other topics than the ESC. ;-) It was a fantastic night though, we had such a fun party, shouted ourselves hoarse. It couldn't have gone better. And we even won with a good song. Me so happy!! :-)