Thursday, May 14, 2009

Greece, Lithuania, Moldova

One of the major favorites. Personally I don't see what's so special about it. It's a pretty standard dancey pop tune. If it wasn't Sakis Rouvas performing it, it'd get nowhere near the attention it's been getting.
I don't like the presentation much. It's just so ... average. So standard. What is so special about this?
I don't get it. It'll probably get through. Or will it?? I have a theory, actually. We'll see. >:-)

On principle, I don't like this song much ... because it was in Lithuanian in the national final, and they're using an English version now. Why not keep the original?? Bwaah ...
It's a nice ballad, but again, nothing very special.
Presentation fine.
Ooh ... fire!! o_O

Yay!! :-D
Great song, a singer who can really sing, charming performance, great costumes, an entertaining show, a hint of Moldovan culture.
Nothing wrong with this.
Come down and get your plane ticket to Vegas, Nelly!! :-D


nona35 said...

Greece: Thank God I didn't read your theory here before the semi. ;-) I wouldn't escape a heart attack since Greece was the last to be announced! I don't like our song this year but I have to admit...... I looooove this guy!!!!! He's so full of positive energy, something I really admire in a person. And he's sooooo good looking!!!!!
Lithuania: Nothing much, exactly as you said!!!
Moldova: Such a beautiful music! Uplifting, makes you want to dance.
Only the singer seemed a little "wild in the face" sometimes!!! Excellent voice!

Leisha Camden said...

It's because of Sakis that your song got through, because it's not all that. ;-) But he's so popular, and I can understand why. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out on Saturday. I'd a million times rather that you guys win than Ukraine ... !! ;-)