Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm so excited!!

I just can't hide it ... !! :-D

The first semi starts in five minutes and I'm literally all atwitter. Eeep!! I'll venture some predictions about the outcome - let's see ...

Who do I think will make it through to Saturday?
Turkey - absolutely no question. :-)

Bosnia & Herzegovina.
I'm pretty sure about these.

Who won't make it?
The Czech Republic, I'm afraid. Bwaaah ... !! :-(

The others I'm not sure about. How will Sweden do, that's always very interesting to us Norwegians. Because when we compete in international contests, we don't really care about winning so much ... the important thing isn't to win, but to beat the Swedes. ;-)

Good luck to everyone .... !! almost. ;-)

Bulgaria, boo hiss ... !!

I like the intro ... ! But I don't like what our stupid Norwegian commentator just said - tonight we are of course rooting for the North; Sweden, Finland and Iceland ... Why is that a matter of course?? I don't root for them if I don't like their songs. >:-( Growl.


Gealach said...

I voted for Malta and Israel (couldn't make up my mind about the two...)

Leisha Camden said...

In those cases it's nice to be able to vote for more than one entry. Out of your two favorites I definitely preferred the Maltese song. ;-)