Thursday, May 14, 2009

Whew, again

OK, so, the performances are over and the voting's done. Now some Russian folk dance for our entertainment, and a brief presentation of my theory that I mentioned.

I said that sometimes very good songs don't get through, songs that are huge favorites before the fact. And that since our entry this year is very firmly in that second category, this may happen to us now. But here's my theory. It may not be the favoritism and the hype that leads to these songs' downfall ... because they have another thing in common. They are generally very professional - extremely professional - and very thoroughly produced entries. And my theory is that it's this that's off-putting to the voting audience. The more professional an entry gets, the less charm it has too. That's my theory. :-) This will be a good year to test this theory - because Fairytale is a favorite, but not so extremely professional and overproduced. Whereas This Is Our Night is both. We'll see. :-)

I've voted five times for Estonia and twice for Moldova. Good luck!!

The finalists are, in no particular order ...

Azerbaijan. The song deserves it, maybe, but not the performance.
Croatia. Oh, yay!!
Ukraine. I knew it, but crap.
Lithuania. Meh.
Albania. WTF?? Shit, now we have to watch that turquoise alien guy one more time. Blech.
Moldova. Yes!!
Denmark. What? No! >:-(
Estonia. Yes yes yes!!! Me so happy!! :-D
Norway. Yay, hurrah, etc. :-D
Greece. Not surprising, but meh.

Gotta say this: When the scores are published, it'll be very interesting to see what came from the televote and what from the juries.

See you on Saturday ... ! ;-)


myntti said...

I would've voted for Estonia too, but we (=Finland) weren't able to vote in this semifinal.

Oh and hi! I'm here via Bookcrossing. :-)

Leisha Camden said...

Hi! Yes, I remember your name from BC. :-)

Now you can vote for Estonia anyway, on Saturday. :-) I'm so happy that they got through! :-)

myntti said...

Now you can vote for Estonia anyway, on Saturday. :-)I wish I could (and for B&H too), but I won't be able to watch the show live on Saturday. :-( I'll be at Jean Michel Jarre's concert in Helsinki. I'm hoping other Finns will vote for my favourites too...

nona35 said...

Ok, and now it's time for predictions...........

First I'll give you my want top 10:

Norway -> 1st or 2nd
Esthonia: -> 1st or 2nd
My Sakis ;-) -> 3d
Portugal -> 4th
Armenia -> 5th
Moldova -> 6th
Iceland -> 7th
Bosnia & Herzegovina -> 8th
Malta -> 9th
UK -> 10th

Bottom -> Ucraine

And second my prediction top 10:

Norway -> 1st
Spain -> 2nd
Turkey -> 3d
Azerbaijan -> 4th
UK -> 5th
Ucraine -> 6th
Greece -> 7th
Armenia -> 8th
Romania -> 9th
Finland -> 10th

Bottom -> Denmark

In my predictions I tried to include the juries too!
Though since we haven't seen this kind of voting before it's very difficult to predict. So don't take me seriously :-D

Leisha Camden said...

myntti, I hope you had a great time seeing Jarre!! I would have loved to see him too. But, well, didn't get around to getting tickets for his show here. Shame on me. :-( I hope you had a great time. :-)

nona, your guesses were pretty good!! And I think my theory holds water. I'll be posting some thoughts on that later this week. :-)

I hope that you'll stop by sometimes even though the ESC is over now (for 2009, anyway!) - it's been so great reading your comments here. :-)