Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Belarus, Sweden, Armenia

I have a confession to make.
I know I said at first that I though this song totally sucked ... but ...
The more I hear it the more I like it. I do like it.
Oh, the shame ... !!
He's changed his hair - a bit better. Outfit not so much improved.
Weird presentation. What the hell does that chick with the giant tablecloth have to do with anything?? o_O
I am willing to bet money that we will be seeing this again on Saturday.

Sweden has never not got through from the semi. If you count the wildcard selection last year as 'getting through'. Will this be the year they disgrace themselves ... ?? :-o
I don't know. I love the chorus of their song. But the rest doesn't measure up ... nowhere near.
The singer is a total pro, but that can be both a pro and a con.
Tactically speaking, the Swedes are surrounded by enemies right now ... supposedly. They are in a semi with lots of Easterners who normally don't vote for them. But of course that has nothing to do with the songs not being good enough, of course, naturally. It's only the Easterners who are biased like that, not us ... >:-)
I don't like her dress. It, like the song, could have been so much nicer.
And the presentation is ... a little bit boring. IMO.
Ouch, opera face ... o_O

Kewl!! :-D
Great presentation. And I love what they're doing with the stage.
Such a cool song.
Great outfits, great choreography.
Not much more to say. I dig this.
See you Saturday, girls. :-)


nona35 said...

Belarus: The song I can handle....
but the hair and the outfits....no way! I also thought this would pass.
Sweden: The audience cheered for the first time since the beginning of the show. Are you sure the singer is "she"? She's so masculine!!! Catchy song!
Armenia: Loved it!!! My only objection is the clothes. Too much for me!!! Glad this passed!

Gealach said...

The silly thing here in Sweden is that the newspapers always say that we are among the favourites and that we are absolutely sure to win every year, I think we take the whole thing too seriously.

Leisha Camden said...

Nona: it's so interesting to read your comments. Thanks for sharing. It's amazing how much we agree on the ESC ... !! :-D I agree that Malena Ernman is a little butch. Maybe it's singing so hard that does it. ;-)

Gealach, the same thing happens here, although perhaps not to the same extent as it does in Sweden. You guys are so good at pop music, and you've contributed such total classics to the ESC. We have also won twice, of course, but other than that we're very used to doing badly, whereas you guys are used to doing very well, so ... I'm sure that colors your expectations. Or at least your media's expectation. ;-)