Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Andorra, Switzerland, Turkey

Singing at least partly in Catalan ... good.
Kinda like what they're doing with the stage.
A very teenybopper performance. May appeal to the younger demographics ... but not much to the grownups, I think.
The song is really catchy. Andorra's best ever IMO.
The crowd in the Olympic Arena were pretty enthusiastic. Yeah, I can see that. But not sure it'll be remembered for long enough.

A song lacking in personality, IMO.
Nothing wrong with the song. But it's not very original. There's nothing much to it either way.
Bye bye, Switzerland.

OK ... um, what? What's up with her voice??
She sounds really different from how she sounded in the national final. Or maybe it's vice versa. ;-)
The presentation is different too. Not sure it's better ... but it's certainly memorable. ;-)
Catchy song, and, um, striking outfits. *cough*
This song will definitely be both seen and heard on Saturday. No question. It has now entered the hindbrain of every audience member, and will receive votes accordingly. ;-)


nona35 said...

Andorra: Forgettable song and indifferent presentation!
Switzerland: Nice song lukewarm on stage. I'd prefer this than Israel though!
Turkey: The singer looked tired or something and I expected a better presentation but the song is very catchy!

Leisha Camden said...

I liked the Andorran song myself, but it obviously never stood a chance. :-) I agree that the Swiss entry ought to have gotten through instead of Israel. As for Turkey, they screwed up a bit on the presentation, I think - ie the Russian TV people did - the red background was so bright that you could hardly see Hadise and the dancers. But you can't keep a good beat down! :-D And on Saturday they had fixed it.