Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Labor Day ...

... even if you, like me, have done absolutely nothing to honor the day. I haven't worked, I guess maybe that's something. :-) I washed a few dishes but that was it. No marches or parades or anything. Sheesh, I even forgot to put the flag out. I just remembered that now. Damn. In my defense I can only say that I still am kind of sick. Much better than I was on Monday, but a little worse than I was yesterday. :-( It's generally going in the right direction, but I haven't felt very good today. Soo glad to have today off. :-) I did go to work on Wednesday and Thursday, and actually felt better then than I have today. o_O Today has been a totally relaxing day though, so I hope all this rest will have substantially aided my recovery. :-)

To anyone - I'll name no names ;-) - who are a little bored with all this ESC stuff, I promise I'll stop posting so much about it soon. I just have to get all my reviews done. Only seven more countries to go. :-) Pretty soon I'll get back to what some of you may feel are more interesting things.

But I am trying to add some non-ESC stuff here too, even these days - you've got to give me that. :-) Here's a video for you from The Daily Show. It was on TV here yesterday and I loved it. A brilliant segment. Something for all of us to think about ... since I'm sure all of us, regardless of nationality, get annoyed sometimes by how the media, our politicians, our fellow citizens focus intensely on non-issues to the exclusion of real issues of real importance.

From now on, you will always associate the concept 'unicorn porn' with this type of activity. Watch, it's funny, I promise. :-)

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Paz said...

I do not fully support the whole Unions etc so I only half worked yesterday ;)

Leisha Camden said...

Tee-hee!! :-D