Monday, May 4, 2009

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA 2009: Regina – Bistra voda

Bosnia - now there's a country you can usually trust to come up with something interesting. (Please note: 'interesting'. >:-) Their entry in 2006 is one of my all-time ESC favorites. An absolutely beautiful song. And they did get to 3rd place with that. But, well, that was then. :-) This song is nowhere near on that level. It's a good song though, I like it ... I like the presentation, the singer has a good voice, and I think the song has a good melody, it's sweet. I'm not sure it has a lot of ESC potential, though. It's rather too monotonous ... there's not much in the way of ups & downs here, it's just one even tune. Which can be a good thing too ... I mean, if you compare it to the Norwegian song, for instance - our entry can really get on your nerves if you listen to it too much. Especially if you watch it. >:-) There's definitely something to be said for a smooth melody like this one. But it'll usually be less memorable than the 'other type' of song, so ... I don't think this song will do that well. It'll probably get to the final - it should, it deserves to. But I can't see this as a winner.

Good luck to the Bosnians, though. They've got nothing to be ashamed of this year, far from it. :-) And the song is in Bosnian too. Yay. :-)

This is Regina performing Bistra voda by Aleksandar Čović ... he will be competing for Bosnia & Hercegovina in the first semi's best possible slot, #18.

Lyrics here.


nona35 said...

Beautiful song for Bosnia & Herzegovina this year but as you said no winner. It can be in the top 10 though. I hope so!!!!!!
Good luck!

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, they ought to do well. It'll be interesting to see their presentation, too. People are doing fun things with that stage ... :-)