Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Portugal, Malta, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Another song that has really grown on me. The more I hear it the more I like it. And I totally love what they're doing with the stage. Fantastic. Fun and charming.
The song is soo pretty!! And the singer is so pretty too. :-) Young and sweet. I really like their presentation. And the song is just adorable. I love her voice. She has such an unusual voice. It'll be remembered.
See you, Portugal, I hope ... and all the best of luck!!

At least here's a song that is guaranteed to be very well performed ... !!
A lovely song and a beautiful voice.
A very Chiara presentation. :-)
But it's a ripoff of Angel ... both the song and the presentation. The latter even more than I'd thought.
I hope they will get through, but I'm less sure than I was.
A really good entry though ... I like it ... but ballads are dangerous.
Good luck to Malta, they deserve it.

Bosnia & Herzegovina:
Ooh, great presentation ... !!
One of the real contenders this year.
Very good song, a great performance.
Nothing here I don't like. And I'm sure I will like this song more and more the more I hear it, too.
Ending the show on a high note. :-)


MonkAre said...

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Leisha Camden said...

Welcome to Spamityville ...

nona35 said...

Portugal: I love this song!!! Actually I love everything about it!!!!! The singer is so sweet and happy with a beautiful voice and everyone seems happy and having fun and the colours and everything!!!!!!!
Oh, Portugal would love to win!!!!
Malta: Malta would ALSO love to win!!!!! Poor Chiara, I'm afraid you're away from winning once more! She's such a voice and she's such a pleasant person!!! With a different song Malta would have a chance but "What if we" is nothing really special!!!!
I'm very happy she's in the final though!!!!!!!
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Do I smell a potential winner here?
Great song, great presentation beautiful voices!
The singer seem really stressed! (I couldn't take my eyes off the trembling mic).

Leisha Camden said...

All these three songs were very good IMO. The Portuguese entry's just adorable, I'm so glad they got through. But when will they ever manage to win ... ?? :-)

You were totally right about Malta ... !