Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shoutout: unfiltered perception

Finally getting around to doing something I've been planning to do since forever ... ie, post a shoutout to a blog that I enjoy tremendously, one of my favorite blogs anywhere ever. I wish I remembered when I discovered it, but, alas, I'd be lying if I said I did. A year and a half ago maybe. I've been reading it regularly since then and have continually been impressed with the quality of this blog. See, this guy does serious research, and he writes well-balanced and informative posts about important issues. It kinda makes me a little embarrassed sometimes, cause his blog is so impressive, and here I am posting bad music and turtle videos and pictures of flowers and so on. But it takes all kinds, right? ;-)

Anyway, yesterday this wonderful blogger posted actually asking for a shoutout ... so of course I'm more than willing to give him one. Especially since I've come to consider him a friend, too, over the time that we've known each other. (He even asked me to marry him once. Aw. ;-) The internet is a wonderful place. :-) So, Gunnar, consider it done!! I would urge anyone & everyone who enjoys my blog to take a gander at Gunnar's as well - it's seriously impressive and has lots of food for thought. He writes about religion & atheism, science, consumer affairs (as in: debunking fraudulent advertising :-), superstition, alternative medicine, music, skepticism, politics, current affairs ... lots. Unfortunately for the foreigners among my readership *cough*, he writes mostly in Norwegian. But he posts some stuff in English too ... especially some great YouTube finds every so often. Like this.

Those of you who do read Norwegian, though, please check it out. unfiltered perception. Enjoy. :-)

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