Saturday, May 16, 2009

Iceland, Greece, Armenia

A wonderful song that I hope will do well. The Icelanders need something nice to happen to them. :-)
She's a lovely singer, and the presentation is very good ... except for that dolphin. What is the deal with that dolphin ... ??

Aerobics class ... !! Now everyone pull your shirts up ... !!
How this song is such a huge favorite I'll never know. It's gotta be just because it's Rouvas. Only explanation. o_O
But at least we've getting a great show out of it - Calyx and N. and trilltrall are totally dancing. LOL!!
Ridiculous performance for a man of Rouvas's age to be engaging in.
This may win, but I don't like it much. Still, a million times better than Ukraine.

OK, now we're talking!! Fantastic!!
A great song, it rocks. A great presentation. Love it.
This song had us all dancing in our seats. :-D And it got our first cheer of the night when it was over.
This'll do really well. I'd be happy to see the contest in Yerevan in 2010. Smokin'. :-D

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