Monday, May 4, 2009

THE CZECH REPUBLIC 2009: – Aven Romale

Wheee!!!! :-D

Another nation that I'd kind of written off but that's made good in a surprising way! Me so happy! :-) The Czech Republic though was even worse than Estonia, because both times that they've competed so far they've completely sucked. The first time they didn't get through from the semi ... in fact they got all of one point :-D in the semi. So ... better luck next time. But next time they sent a totally boring song performed by a very nervous girl who couldn't really sing, so in fact, they got nowhere that time either. :-D I'd almost decided that they weren't worth bothering with ... as an ESC contestant, that is. Obviously. ;-) But lo and behold, I was totally wrong.

Because their entry this year, IMHO, is really really good. I do have one problem with it, which is the same as with the Swedish song ... the chorus is better than the verse. It's more catchy ... a bit too much more catchy. But in this case the whole thing is more of a unified whole so that it doesn't bother me anywhere near as much. The whole entry is just fun ... I like the song, I like the presentation, which is hilarious ... those serious musicians, and then the singer in his ridiculous outfit, lolz!! I like the whole concept. But the song itself is good too - it's memorable, I think the audience will remember it. Depending of course on how they present it, but mostly people don't tend to stray too far from the original idea. This song may totally bomb, that's a very serious possibility :-D ... but it'll definitely be fun to watch. :-)

The first time I heard slash saw this entry, it was the video that I saw ... and that, I'm sure, has a lot to do with my very positive opinion on this song. Because that video is just ... whoa. It's the most totally awesomely super cool video ever. I love it. It's fantastic. Watch it. :-D

This is performing Aven Romale by Radoslav Banga, aka Gipsy ... he will be merrily competing for the Czech Republic on May 12th. They have a shitty slot, #2, alas. :-( And I can't vote for them, they're in the wrong semi. Bwaah!! :-( Good luck, peeps, you'll probably need it ... :-D

From the national selections:

The official video. You MUST watch this. :-D

Lyrics here.


nona35 said...

Well it's funny all right but no!
The chorus as you said is much better than the rest and on stage the singer will be very energetic and the audience will love him BUT... it's not enough!
Good luck!!!

nona35 said...

Today's rehearsal:

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, it may totally bomb, but I hope not. I like it. :-) And I totally dig what they're doing with the stage for their performance!! Thanks for the url! :-)