Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Best spam email EVAR

So, I got the best spam mail ever yesterday. It tricked Yahoo, it landed in my inbox instead of the spam file. And it confused me at first, because it took a couple of seconds before I recognized the name of the sender. Like, I knew I knew that name, but from where ... ? And then it clicked. And I thought to myself, I will treasure this email forever.

OK, now, here's the text of the message, but with the name of the sender crossed out, because that's the punchline. So bear with me. All will be revealed. :-) The subject of the message was Business Management and Financial Consultant. Oh, the irony ... !! It's enough to make you doubt whether this really is spam, even, and not actually some kind of meta-joke sent out by someone who watches way too much TV. Adapted spam ... ?

The body of the message read:

Dear Friend,
I want to introduce myself to you My name is Dr. xxx xxx, i am a Business Management and Financial Consultant, I have been instructed by my client an 80years old Mr. Roy Agrawal an India who worked with an Oil Company in U.S.A to Seek for a Business minded, matured, honest and God fearing partner.If you are interested, please do contact me (
dbrent38@inMail24.com) immediately for more details.
Dr. xxx xxx.

I know, right? Sounds so tempting!! >:-) This is just the same shit as always, but here's the clincher. The name. The supposed person who supposedly sent this email.

David Brent.

Business Management and Financial Consultant ... !!! :-D

zomg rofl lolz!!!!!

Click here if you didn't get it ... and then here. :-)


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Funny :)

Elin said...

Oh, this was a good one!
*laughs more*

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, I thought it was pretty damn good. :-)

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